Side-Power SR Series

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For boats that cannot fit a tunnel thruster or do not wish to have an external thruster under the boat, then a retractable thruster is the solution. Side-Power have designed a product range that is focused on practical sturdiness, uncompromised safety and quick deployment.

SR Series Retractable Thruster Animation

The retracting thrusters are generally built with the same high safety standards as all Side-Power products, and incorporate the important benefits introduced with the SE series thrusters. Our focus on safety is a totally integral part of the product design so that everything from build quality to ease of installation is thought of to ensure long term reliability.

There are three versions of the retractable thrusters, one model design for direct mold-in, and two designed to be mounted on a flange. The flange can be a mold-in base from Side-Power, or the boat builders can manufacture their own base in materials suited for their hulls or as part of their basic hull design.

The flange mounted models have thruster unit in a casing that will be bolted to a base. This allows for easier installation in hulls made from different materials, as well as in series production where you do not need to mix laminating and engineering type jobs.

Some boatbuilders that have chosen retractable Side-Power thrusters: Arcona, Hallberg-Rassy, Malö, Najad, Amel og Oyster.


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Magnus RassyCEO at Hallberg-Rassy

About the new HR412 with dual PRO series retractables from Side-Power.


Bernt EllingsenDelphia 47 with dual PRO series retractable thrusters

I could not picture myself buying another boat without this system!