New Side-Power 8-channel remote

A totally redesigned and upgraded remote series are now available. The new RC-2 series also include a brand new 8-channel remote, the RCT-23E, designed to operate a dual thruster + dual windlass configuration.

The hardware and software of the former RC-1 models have now been totally re-designed. All models are now operating on the 868Mhz band with a new communication protocol, designed to better withstand external interference.

The RCR-2E receiver has a new enclosure design, with external connectors, compatible with Side-Power four- and five-lead wire cabling for Side-Power thruster and windlass models. There are also an S-link™ compatible version available for PRO and retractable thrusters.

Functionality for the replacement models are identical to the existing models, but the pairing procedure is slightly different and are described in detail in the Side-Power RC-2 product manual.

Due to this total overhaul, RC-1 components and RC-2 components are not cross-compatible. No RC-1 product can be combined with any of the new RC-2 products. In any given system, both reciever and transmitter needs to be either RC-1 series or RC-2 series to operate properly.

As before, the models sold as kits, come ready paired from the factory. Extra transmitters are also available.