Cookies & Privacy

1. Introduction

Sleipner Motor is devoted to treat your personal data in a safe and secure matter, in accordance with current rules and regulations. Below you will find information about how we handle personal data that we collect from web site users, business partners, customers, distributors and other business partners.

Sleipner Motor AS is responsible for the treatment of personal data that we collect, and you are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

2. Personal data that we collect and process

  1. Personal data that you provide us

    • This includes information about yourself that you give us, e.g. by filling out forms on our website, via our platforms in social media, or in your correspondence with us through phone, email or other forms of communication.
    • This also includes information given in connection with the creation of customer relations, the creation of a sales offer, or in the case of warranty claims.
  2. Personal data that we collect from you

    • Data from cookies placed on our web sites (see our cookie policy below)
    • Technical information that is automatically collected, including anonymous data that is collected from the host server for statistical purposes, network protocols, IP-addresses, etc.
    • Data that you accept to share or that is a part of your public profile or a third-party social network.

3. Extradition of personal data and the use of data processors

In some cases, we will transfer personal data to our business partners, subsidiaries, suppliers (e.g. IT-supplier), providers of customer satisfaction surveys etc. These recipients treat the personal data on our behalf and only in compliance with our instructions.

4. How long we store personal data

We never store personal data longer than necessary for the purpose the data was collected for. We will permanently anonymise or delete the personal data that we no longer need.

5. Your rights as registered

With certain reservations, you have the right to:

  • Get access to your personal data
  • Correct or update your personal data
  • Delete or limit the treatment of your personal data
  • Withdraw your given consent to e.g. marketing
  • Be given collected personal data in a structured file
  • Complain about the treatment to Norwegian supervisory authorities

You can exercise these rights by addressing us in writing. You will receive a response within a reasonable time and in accordance with the rules that apply.

6. Contact

If you have any questions regarding the content of this privacy policy, or wish to exercise your legal rights addressed above in section 5, or have other inquiries, you are welcome to contact us at

Cookies & Technologies


We use MailerLite as a newsletter service to provide our visitors and customers to stay up to date with the latest news from our company. We will never sell any personal data to any third-party service. We only collect name and email address.

For further information you can read MailerLite's Terms of Service .

If you wish to opt out of newsletters, please use the unsubscribe link in the newsletters.

If you want your contact records deleted from MailerLite, or get access to your user data, please send us an email to or create a helpdesk-case.

Google Analytics

We collect data about our users to map the following:

  • Which site is being accessed
  • Date and time
  • Web browser and type of device being used
  • Anonymized IP-address

The data we collect from Google Analytics is being anonymized, so we will not be able to identify individuals. We use the collected data in order to continuously improve our web sites and to provide the best possible service for our customers. Google Analytics is subject to Google and their Terms of Service .

If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, you can do so here:


We utilize HubSpot marketing software to adapt our communication and customize our content to our visitors. We collect data through cookies which users have approved via the checkboxes in our web forms.

If you want your contact records deleted from HubSpot, or get access to your user data, please send us an email to or create a helpdesk-case.

CSRF Token

A unique cookie is being created when a form is being loaded.

When a user fills out and sends information through one of our forms, the cookie is being cross-checked with the user's cookie. This is to mitigate faulty use from bots etc. which sends information from outside our websites.

Managing and removing cookies

You can refuse the use of cookies in your browser by turning them off. By turning them off, we do not guarantee that our website will be fully functional. If you wish to manage the use of cookies in your browser, you can find more information here:


If you have any questions regarding cookies or personal data or have any requests for removal of personal data, you can either contact us through our contact form or send an email to

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